GO Play. GO Move. GO Outside - How We Really Feel

GO Play. GO Move. GO Outside.

These are three short, simple statements, but holy smokes do they get us fired up when we start talking about them...fired up AKA pumped, excited... Because when you dig into what they actually represent you’ll understand why they are our philosophies/values/why we do what we do… they’ll help you understand what GO is all about and some of the “behind the scene” things we build our business off of...  You will find the statements below on our website, but in case you missed it:

Now we had to reign in our emotions ...or at least be a little business formal…  about these statements on our homepage in order to concisely explain our values. But luckily for us we also have a handy dandy platform (ahem, this blog) where we can let ALL of our emotions fly. Thus, the following post is titled GO Play, GO Move, GO Outside – how we really feel!

Warning: The following material may come off as rant-ish, but quite frankly that’s because it is one.

GO Play - Everyone needs to play more. And we mean everyone. You are never too young, too old, too mature, or too sophisticated to play… We both strongly believe in play and that every age needs to play. Just yesterday I was talking to a parent who coaches one of their children's teams and they said to me “My favourite part about coaching is when I get to play the games with the kids, it gets them playing even more and I love how I feel after” Let yourself play, even if it’s just 15 minutes, next time your kids ask you to play, say yes and then see how you feel….

Don’t believe us, check out our Twitter account and you’ll find lots of articles and evidence backing this.

Regardless of this evidence we still seem to say that our lives are too busy to play (are you guilty of this?). As Richard Louv puts it “we seem to be more productive, but less inventive; we value structured time but in turn kill any free dreamtime”. Play is that unstructured, free, dream time where we can do what we feel like at that instant with no right or wrong way to do it. That’s a hugely important element in a balanced life, or we think so at least.

Play also allows us to discover our surroundings on a personal level through ALL five of our senses. All we seem to do these days is explore our world through audiovisual stimulation. That’s only two senses we’re triggering. If someone gave you a massage with only two of five fingers, it wouldn’t be as good, right? Well, it’s the same when you experience something with only two of five senses…. Don’t get us wrong, we do love a good movie night, or time on social media and there’s definitely days we spend 4-6 hours in front of the computer doing work, but it’s not the ONLY way to entertain yourself and boy do you feel way better if at some point in the day you take time to play. Like I said earlier, JUST 15 minutes can change your day...

So at GO Adventure Co. we make sure that we make time to play. And if you’re not with us to do that, we still want you to GO Play. Go outside and wander into beautiful sceneries. Pick up an instrument and try to play it. Find a hill and roll down it. Play catch. Build a fort and make up an imaginary world. Think of these things as just as important in your everyday routine as brushing your teeth or eating healthy meals – because ultimately all three are benefiting your well-being.

One final thought on play – if you don’t think you know how to do it, watch a group of kids playing in an unstructured environment…. YOU CAN DO IT, you just have to let yourself use your imagination and TRY. Over time our imagination and creativity get lost because we stop using it but start now, dust off the cobwebs and PLAY….  


GO Move - Everyone needs to move more. We are way too sedentary as a population in general. We sit all of the time! And it’s killing us…. Why do you think they invented a fitbit? To make people aware of how little they move each day...

If you don’t believe us, check out our blog on Doctor’s Orders. An overwhelming amount of illnesses could be prevented if we just took a second to move more each day…. It’s easy to move more, take the stairs, park further from the door, bike to work, shovel the snow. Daily tasks that we have made easier through technology are great inventions but using them all the time is slowly killing us...  

Also, we are losing our ability to move in all of the different ways that our body is capable of. This is why we value physical literacy so much. The same way that it is important to develop the building blocks of reading or math in order to be literate in those subjects, it is also important to develop basic fundamental movement skills (run, jump, skip, roll, gallop, etc) which become the basis of all other activities you’ll ever do. There’s a great video explaining the importance of physical literacy on our Facebook page.

Our bodies were made to move. That’s why we automatically feel so much better once we have added movement to our day. Something as simple as a walk or intense as a triathlon training session makes our bodies work, and they like that. But the hard thing is that there are two different types of feedback loops that you can get stuck in. Maybe this sounds familiar:

Haven’t done anything active for awhile, body feels slumpy and gross, would way rather sit than move, which makes your body feel worse, which makes it less appealing to move at all, so you sit some more….thus creating the negative loop.

But the other loop is a positive one: You go for a bike ride, and your body and mind feel great so you’re motivated to go for a walk the next day, which makes you feel fantastic, so you decide to try a hike, and you love it…..and the loop continues. . . . GO TRY IT!

We get that it’s sometimes hard to know what to do to GO Move, but the options are endless and we’ve made it our job at GO to give you opportunities to experience a variety of fun ways to move.

GO Outside - Everyone needs to be outside more. It is our natural environment; it is who we are; it is what we are made of. Nature makes us happier, healthier, more relaxed, more focused, more creative, and more connected. We should live everyday in radical amazement by nature and appreciate the freedom that we have to enjoy all of its benefits.

We love, love, love the outdoors. It’s the best. There’s actually nothing like it. Go spend some time outside in a bad mood and tell us if you don’t feel better after. It does scare us that there is becoming less natural, untouched, outdoor space to go be in. That’s why it is our mission to get everyone to love outside the way we do. Because what do you do to things that you love? You protect it! . . . even if you don’t want to move while you’re outside, having your morning coffee on the deck can really change the way your day goes because coffee and vitamin N is definitely the best combo EVER! Just ask our GO Littles parents :)

We get that the outdoors can seem scary, but it’s really not that bad once you have some experience in it. You don’t have to be out in the extreme remote wilderness to be in the outdoors. There are amazing parks, trails, forests, streams, fields, and ponds all around, but it takes a little bit of intentional exploring to find them… another great thing you can do is walk on your lawn in your bare feet. When was the last time you actually TOUCHED nature?

If you don’t want to intentionally explore, that’s ok too. Let us show you some of our favourite outdoor places to GO (one is our headquarters - it’s wild enough to let your imaginations soar and safe enough to keep your worries at home).

So there you have it. That’s how we really feel.

If you are one of the individuals who has read this far, it’s safe to say that you can tell we’re passionate about what we do. We work hard to incorporate all three of these philosophies into anything we do, because ultimately we want to build a huge community of GO-ers who love to GO Play, GO Move and GO Outside as much as we do!