#Don'tSkipOut on Your Health

I was on Twitter this morning (that’s right we have an account..you can follow us at @GO_AdventureCo) and I saw that the Physical Activity Resource Centre (@parcontario) had posted a cool tweet. It said:

“From pilates to pickleball, we want to help you promote #physicalactivity with the #DontSkipOut toolkit http://bit.ly/1nirL7m “

Of course this caught my attention, so I followed the link to find out more about the resource. Basically it is a campaign they are doing trying to promote adults to stay physically active by telling them that it’s important they “don’t skip out” on being active and “don’t skip out” on their health.

One of the ads in their campaign looks like this:


I love the concept! Because I definitely agree. Whether we are too tired, too busy, too sick, it’s too late, or we’re too cold, we will always brush our teeth (well, I do at least).


Because our dentists have told us since we were little kids that if we want to have HEALTHY teeth, then we better brush and floss REGULARLY. And we know it is true because we know how nasty our mouth feels after skipping one day of not brushing.

Now, some of you may know where I am going with this, but I will continue on with my connection.

How many times have we said or heard: I am too tired, too busy, too sick, or it’s too late and too cold to.... exercise? It happens quite often. But this is what I do not understand. We will go out of our way to make sure we brush our teeth regularly because we are told it is important for our health, but we need convincing, poking, prodding and sometimes bribing in order to be active regularly even though we are told it is crucial for our health!

There’s a few big things I want to make sure I address from that statement:

  1. Although the poster says “too busy to exercise?”, realistically health benefits come when we are physically active too. The health benefits of being physically active regularly are endless. You can read more about that in our earlier blog post “Doctor’s Orders”.

  2. Being physically active does NOT equal having to do exercise. This is such a common misconception for a lot of people and I think it is a very big barrier for people to become physically active. One of our biggest goals at GO Adventure Co. is to be a place where we can be active, move and play outdoors, without it feeling like exercise. Remember: exercise is physical activity but exercise is NOT the only way to be physically active.

  3. Touching on the point above, there is a vicious cycle where people think “I hate exercising” (thinking of the gym, boot camps, work outs, cardio activities, etc) leading them to not do any activity at all, making them feel worse, leading them to continue to not do anything! In my mind this is the equivalent of not brushing your teeth because you don’t want to use mouth wash. Sounds ridiculous right? Especially because you know how gross your mouth feels when you don’t brush. Now take that image of grossness and imagine how your body feels when you decide not to be active, not to move, for a long period of time. At GO we are passionate about breaking that vicious cycle and showing people how FUN it is to be active.

  4. So many things are considered physical activity. Here is a quick list of General Physical Activities you can choose from, taken from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I will make sure none of them say “boot camp” or “running” *Coincidence Alert: these look a lot like the activities we do during our GO Programs.

  • walking, biking, dancing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, skating, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, swimming, tag, soccer, kickball, volleyball, frisbee, cross country skiing, hockey, paddle boating, playing on a jungle gym….

My final thought on all of this is: imagine what it would do to our world, if we enforced and promoted being physically active every single day, the same way we enforced and promoted brushing our teeth.

...Wow, I dropped the ball on that one. I didn't have one comment to add while reading this post. I think that's because I had no idea what Janna had written about and it really caught my attention and I was intrigued on what was going to be said next. I love this concept/ way of looking at physical activity, hats off to PARC for creating this campaign and to you Janna for helping spread the word through this Blog! So readers don't neglect your body, be active make it a priority like you do your teeth, your morning coffee or your social media daily catch ups!