HO HO HO, But Where's the Snow?

I'd be lying if I said I was one of those people that when November 1st hits, all they want is for it to snow. They live for the Winter season and eagerly count down the days to blissful powder playgrounds...  And I'd be lying if I said I agreed with Janna on this one. I'd love it if we had snow on November 1st. Heck let’s just skip Fall.

I grew up with seasons that consisted of 1) Summer... your summer is like an Ontario winter tho ;),... 2) a few days where trees turn orange and it’s colder than Summer, 3) early Winter, mid Winter, late Winter, and 4) a few days where the snow starts to melt and the days get longer. 

So I grew up with snow…..What a coincidence I grew up with snow too! … And don't get me wrong, I do love how beautiful it makes everything and ALL of the super fun outdoor activities that require snow and cold weather (ie: skiing, tobogganing, skating, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skidooing, ice fishing, dog sledding, building snow caves, etc) but it's quite the love hate relationship that I have with it. 

Every Fall, after enjoying a beautiful hot Summer where the days are long and the sun is warm, I find myself secretly whispering to Mother Nature “please just hold off that snow for one more week.” ...Soo you're the reason we don't have snow yet eh? Asking Mother Nature to delay its arrival

This past Fall I did exactly that. But to my surprise, October turned into November, and November to December, and there still wasn't ANY snow. It had “snowed” on a couple days but to me those days are just a dream dangler - snow on the ground for a few hours before melting away the dreams of winter fun into mud and water. 

I guess the sayings “you’ll always miss the things you don't have”/”don't know what you got ‘til it's gone”/”you're gonna miss me when I'm gone” describe my love hate relationship with snow. I don't want it until we don't have it, but then I wish it was there. Ironic right? ...Very ironic! I miss the snow too. It's been too long. 

I really had this emphasized to me when trying to plan our GO Adventure Co. Christmas Camps this year. In my mind, when we originally planned to offer Christmas Camp I had visions of days filled with tobogganing on our awesome hill, skating on our beloved pond, and building the coolest snow forts and snowmen after a snowshoe to our back forest….We both envisioned this, I think anyone who runs a Christmas camp expects these activities to be part of their days. 

However, we couldn't do any of those things! Slash we won't be able to do any of those things again for our next Christmas Camp session starting Monday Dec 28. Sidenote: registration available at www.goadventure.co (hehe I have no shame in my shameless plug) 
...And don't worry we still have tons of other epic adventures planned that don't involve snow. 

We still had a lot of fun building forts, doing crafts, playing games and being outside, but it's just not the same. We have become so accustomed to associating the Winter months around Christmas to snow and white winter wonderlands that it really feels like something is missing when that's not the case. 

So I guess my big take away lesson from all of this is that change is a good thing. And so is snow. If we had the same season all year round, we wouldn't get the same diversity in experiences and activities we do when living in a place where our seasons are so drastic. Snow is beautiful and fun and necessary to make Winter more than just months on a calendar….We live in the most wonderful country in the world! But Yes that's a biased opinion since we're Canadians. 

So I'm definitely whispering something different to Mother Nature now
“Please let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...so we can GO GO GO...outside and play!” … I'm whispering too. LET IS SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW. 

Disclaimer: Janna wrote this post while in Hawaii with her family, so even tho I know she feels this way I won't feel too bad for her until she's back :p