Why We Do What We Do...

Before I get into it, I just wanted to clarify how our blog format works.

It’s the “GO Co’s Blog - Janna’s Thoughts and Alycia’s Rambles”.

So broken down that is:

GO = our company

Co= the co-workers of GO (Alycia and I)

Blog = written by aforementioned co-workers

Janna’s Thoughts = I write the blog first without Alycia. I get to pick the topic and write it however I’d like

Alycia’s Rambles = Once I am finished, Alycia reads the blog and adds in her whimsical, witty, or silly rambles, just so we both get a chance to contribute…I kind of feel like a teacher grading a paper when we write a blog post. Janna writes it then I get to give my input.. Thats what teachers do right?  P.S. The rambles by me (Alycia) are in italics.. just incase you didn’t catch that one ;).

We had our very first night of GO Kids this past Tuesday. GO Kids is a group that gets together for an hour and a half each week to play outside, go on adventures, try new things and be active. (Shameless plug, we also offer GO Youth and GO Ladies).

During GO Kids - as I watched them running through the field in the pouring rain,  loving every second of getting muddy, excitedly making their way to a row of apple trees .... and being total troopers while they slid all over and tripped on their garbage bag rain jackets because like Janna said it was POURING RAIN... - I had a moment. It was one of those moments where I stopped what I was doing for a second ...(she really did stop for more than a second, I even looked back to ask what she was doing) and made a conscious effort to take in what I was seeing.

I saw kids outside, running, and laughing ... in the rain no less.

I saw a little girl jumping from dirt pile to dirt pile, commenting how fun and squishy mud is... and running with her hand in the air because her garbage bag rain jacket was too long.

I saw a boy seamlessly maneuvering over uneven surfaces, not even realizing he was running because he was chasing after Jake, our camp dog... and also our new puppy who is still “nameless”

I saw beautiful fall colours and trees full of apples... and lots and lots of rain drops.

Know what I didn’t see?

I didn’t see kids sitting.

I didn’t see kids staring at a screen.

I didn’t see zombie eyes, quiet mouths, or hunched backs.

I didn’t see kids needing to be entertained by anything other than the task of going to pick apples.

I have been reading a lot of articles and documents lately that reiterate to me why we do what we do here at GO Adventure Co... and she’s been sharing all the facts with me- she’s a real life Reader's Digest.

Two examples include ParticipACTION’s “Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play” and an article in Financial Post about how teens are spending less than half of the time their parents did on outdoor activities.

Both of the articles had facts and statement that I couldn’t help but shake my head in agreement with. I want to share a few of those points, followed by a reason why we do what we do at GO.

  • “Interest in indoor activities such as video games and social media are the leading barrier to getting kids and teens outside”

- we are never going to be able to eliminate these barriers, but we like to show our GO-ers that there are activities, social connections and experiences you can have without any devices necessary.... Really we’re trying to make our GO-ers well rounded people. Don’t get me wrong I love technology too but I also LOVE what being active and outdoors does for me

  • “Lack of opportunity and infrastructure is also a barrier, including access to activities and high cost of organized sports”

- GO offers opportunity, infrastructure, and reasonable pricing. We also understand that there are people who like to be active without being involved in organized sport..... That’s what we do! We take you back to the basics, grab a ball, grab some cones and just play for the fun of it.

  • “Regular physical activity, including time spent being active outdoors, can help kids/teens reduce the risk of chronic disease, make friends, improve self-esteem, confidence and mental health, and even improve concentration and grades”

- that one pretty much speaks for itself, and at GO we have first hand experiences to back all of the above statements.

  • “People who are more connected to nature tend to be happier. Positive experiences at a young age can foster nature connectedness and influence behaviours like time spent outdoors”

- we agree that people who spend time outside are happier! And we also know that positive experiences at any age can foster connectedness and influence behaviours. That’s why we GO anytime, anywhere with anyone! ...I mean just look at us, we’re happy people and we spend time outside “connecting with nature” like playing in the mud or relaxing by the pond.

I could seriously go on and on about this kind of stuff, and I haven’t even touched all of the literature on Physical Literacy yet. Being physically literate, for those who don’t know, means to be able to “move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments”... which is another thing we do at GO, just by being outside and playing!

I am getting too riled up about this topic, or intense as my siblings would say, so I will stop because I know not everyone is as passionate about it as I am... I agree, stop now! I really did feel like a teacher grading a paper but I also really appreciated this blog topic because it helps you all understand why Janna and I are so passionate about GO and working hard to make it a community of people.

But if you are! GO read those articles I have linked above. They definitely make some great points...  and even if you’re not you should still read them, your kids, your family and yourself will thank you later. they’re really eye opening.

There are a lot of reasons why we do what we do at GO. It is our passion to get people outside, moving and playing. If any of that strikes a chord with you, we would love for you to be apart of our GO-er community too!